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Non-Stop Standard-Duty

New Non-Stop Standard-Duty.

The first and only adjustable scaffolding that makes you money on walls ONLY 6 FEET HIGH!

105 feet of Elevating Scaffolding to top out 16-foot brick
walls for only $18,600 plus freight.

105 feet of Elevating Scaffolding to top out 24'-8" block walls for only $23,200
plus freight.

Every 100 Feet Replaces 2 Bricklayers

We kept the best of our JUNIOR scaffolding and added new features YOU requested.

• Double gear reduction winch on the back is easy to crank when loaded.

• Scaffold the wall first and lay the first course off the scaffold.

• The laborers have three planks in the braced bays, and three planks plus a cut plank in the open bay. You can land 40-inch pallets in the open bays.

• You have 2 boards for your workbench in the braced bays and three boards in the open bays - plenty of room for materials and a mortar board.

• The masons' walkboards are stored completely out of the way under the workbench. Pull out the walkboard support and slide the boards over when you want them. That can be when you get scaffold-high, or right after the first course on muddy jobs. No more moving your men and losing 20 minutes worth of production!

Back when we were in the masonry business...

When we invented Non-Stop for ourselves, our production went up a solid 25% everywhere. Our men put in more units without even realizing it. They never had to stop, they were always waist-high, always comfortable, no more sore backs. All we did was re-claim downtime that was spent hopping planks, bending over, reaching up, moving from wall to wall - all the things they did that DIDN'T put units in the wall. Then we got to thinking: How could we motivate them to increase their speed? To move as fast as they did on their weekend side jobs? Then we figured out how to do it.

You should keep about four wraps of cable on the drum when you're cranked all the way down. But if your scaffold is only set up, say, 16 feet high, you'll have leftover cable.

Rather than crank it all on the winch and leave it birds-nested on the drum, surplus is quickly wrapped off on the spools as shown at right.

Non-Stop Standard-Duty - For All Your Masonry Work

Bricklayers LOVE to work waist-high. And the big masonry contractors love it when their men work waist-high. Because they make a LOT more money when they do.

But what about the small and mid-sized contractors who don't have an unlimited budget? What about interior walls and short walls where the big scaffolding is impractical? Standard picks up where other scaffolding stops, and at a price everyone can afford.

Standard has all the features you asked for, and more, in a mid-sized scaffold:

Light weight - Moves By Hand
Standard's base tower with elevating carriage and winch weighs only 161 lbs. No component weighs more than one man can comfortably pick up and carry. No forklift - no problem.

Reliable -It Just Works
Standard's elevating carriage has aluminum rollers to roll smoothly up the tower. The precision winch resists stoppages caused by mortar and debris. Standard works every time. Lifetime guaranteed.

Safe, Steady and Stable
The towers won't bend or sway and carriages climb smoothly with no jarring or jolting. Comletely safe. Completely steady. Completely stable.

Standard-Duty is the first elevating scaffolding designed for small jobs and small crews. The one-size-fits-all approach of other elevating scaffolding neglects the largest segment of the masonry industry: residential and light commercial contractors. With Standard, everyone will experience dramatic production and profit increases on every job.

Adaptable To Every Wall Configuration

Standard-Duty scaffold towers are great for projects with cut-up walls, radius walls, insets, angled corners (see right) - whatever you may encounter.

Click image for larger view.

More Powerful Winch

The Standard-Duty winch has been thoroughly reconfigured to provide more lifting power than ever. By optimizing the gear geometry, we increased the strength of the winch 100%. In practical terms, that means raising a full pallet of material is a one-handed operation. Since it's easier to crank, the laborers won't avoid it and your bricklayers will always be waist-high to the wall.

As with all Non-Stop products, the new
Standard winch is backed by a lifetime warranty. If it ever breaks, we'll fix it or replace it free.

Lightweight Yet Portable

Standard offers the small contractor the space needed without the cumbersome weight of heavier elevating scaffolding. While easily portable, Standard has plenty of room where it counts and full cubes of material are no problem.

The base unit with carriage and winch weighs only 161 pounds. 4'-6" extension towers are only 30 pounds. You can move it by hand or with a forklift.

Easy to Move Around the Job

Standard-Duty goes into all types of tight spots.

You can set it between two houses by stabbing it from the side with a long fork, or a piece of pipe slid over your standard fork.

Flexible Work Platform

A. Laborers' platform supports 3 boards.

B. Two masons' walkboards. Boards store neatly under workbench until needed.

C. Two boards for the masons' workbench.

D. Laborers' platform has four boards in the open bays where you land materials.

E. Three bonus stocking boards under the workbench in open bays.

Rigid Towers Don't Sway

The 4'-6" tower extensions are constructed of high-tensile carbon steel and trussed for maximum flex resistance. Incredible strength is engineered in, not bought by the pound; they weigh only 30 pounds. The extensions bolt together securely using captured fasteners that will never get lost or misplaced.

Smooth Operation

Standard's elevating carriage features aluminum rollers for effortless climbing. By eliminating metal-on-metal friction, the carriage rolls smoothly up the tower. The rollers are mounted on stainless steel shafts, so they can never bind, seize, or rust. And with the new, more powerful winch, the
Standard work platform has never been easier to use.

Safety Assured
Standard uses an automatic inertial safety device that cannot be defeated and is unaffected by mortar and debris. In the event of a cable failure, the safety will prohibit the carriage from free-falling, and, since it is completely passive, it does not need to be disengaged or reset.

Standard Component Diagram and Parts List

For price quote or questions, call 800-845-0845

A. 8'-8" Base Tower 65 lbs.
B. Elevating Carriage 56 lbs.
C. Winch and Pulley Assembly 49lbs.
D. 4'-6" Tower Extension 30 lbs.
E. Pulley Extender 15 lbs.
F. Wall Tie-In Bracket 10 lbs.
G. Masons' End Guardrail Panel 10 lbs.
H. Leveling Jack 14 lbs.
I. Swivel Forklift Bar 160 lbs.
J. X-Brace 17 lbs.
K. Straight Brace 13 lbs.
L. Adjustable Straight Brace 13 lbs.
M. Guardrail Post 7 lbs.
N. Laborers' End Guardrail Panel 17 lbs.
O. Laborers' Bracket 45 lbs.
P. Inside Corner Bracket 15 lbs.

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