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• It DOUBLES your profit.
Mason contractors have bought more Non-Stop Heavy-Duty since 1976 than any other elevating scaffolding.
• The only elevating scaffolding designed specifically for cut-up walls.
• The most powerful winch - crank it one-handed, fully loaded.
• Never run a wall scaffold-high again.
• The most room - 8 boards up top.
• No BS Lifet
ime Guarantee.


• It DOUBLES your profit.
• Set it up and move it by hand or with a forklift.
• Laborers and masons stand at the same level for inside work with low ceilings.
• Land full pallets in open bays.
• Can go 80 feet high outside.
• No BS Lifet
ime Guarantee.


• It will DOUBLE your profit.
Use WORKHORSE on ANY wall under 25 feet, inside or out.
WORKHORSE fits any budget.
• If
WORKHORSE doesn't pay for itself in 5 weeks, we buy it back!
• No BS Lifetime Guarantee.



Actually, give us $1 every month, and we'll give you back $6 every month.

That's a good deal.

At the end of 36 months, stop giving us the $1, but we will STILL give you $6 a month. Now you've gone from $5 ahead to $6 ahead.  EVERY MONTH.  FROM NOW ON.

Now that's a super deal.

That's why our regular customers love our lease/puchase financing. The money Non-Stop saves you is about 6 times more than the lease payment! That's because the cost of labor is so sky-high compared to the cost of Non-Stop.

It's real and true. Our customers save money every month because their men put in more units on Non-Stop. Build a wall with frames, it costs you $1. Build the same wall with Non-Stop, it costs you about 70¢. For the details about how this happens, see Why It Works.

Here's an example: As a Rule of Thumb, every 100 feet of Non-Stop saves you 2 masons (6 masons on 100 feet of Non-Stop lay the same as 8 masons on frames). 203 feet of Non-Stop will save you the cost of 4 masons (4 x $3600 = $14,400), yet it costs less than $2100 a month.

This isn't paper profit either. You only get paid the bid price, no matter how much money you spend on labor. So spend a LOT less with Non-Stop. Pocket the rest.

We're talking about a 6:1 return here. If you think we're absolutely nuts and it's only 3:1, it's still a great deal. Find out.

Now you know why Non-Stop has been the leader since 1976.

Lease/purchase for 36 months and pay $1 at the end and you own the scaffolding. And you can deduct it ALL this year*.

Call us at 800-845-0845 for more info. Most applications are approved in one day.

*In virtually every case. Check with your CPA.

New to the Concept of Elevating Scaffolding?

Curious why so many contractors near you are going to it? We have compiled some information, what industry calls "white papers," to give you a jump-start.

Also, see Why It Works

Click on these pdf reports to get you started:

Are Mast-Climbers For You?

Do Bricklayers Really Work Faster On Adjustable Scaffolding?

Cut Your OSHA Scaffold Fines to Zero

I'm Not Sure My Men Will Like It...

How Will Adjustable Scaffolding Affect My Other Costs?

Latest News

New Rest Platform
Wednesday, May 01, 2013 2:20pm


OSHA requires you to have a rest platform every 35 feet vertically. The Corps of Engineers is more strict - it varies, though.

This is a new accessory that snaps onto the side of a Heavy-Duty or Standard-Duty tower. Does not interfere with climbing.


52 pounds.

Click image for larger view.

New Non-Stop Wall Anchoring System
Thursday, Jun 09, 2011 4:19pm

New Non-Stop Wall Anchoring System

Our regular Wall Tie-In Bracket hooks to an eye-bolt embedded in the veneer, and our customers have always loved pointing up only one small hole when they bring the scaffold down and unscrew the eye-bolt out of the wall.

Some contractors have asked for way to tie the scaffold to the back-up wall, a concrete floor deck, or the steel structure rather than depending on the strength of day-old veneer. Here's our solution:

We use a longer eye-bolt which screws into a new Scaffold Anchor that's fastened to the back-up material.

Call for more info and sizes 800-845-0845.

See it here.

Wednesday, Feb 11, 2009 3:59pm


Non-Stop's bridge unit for the Heavy-Duty scaffold lets you scaffold over obstructions and leave necessary openings in the wall unblocked. They are absolutely safe, only fit one way (the correct way), and have NEVER collapsed.
See it here.

We've been asked many times why we don't make a 21-foot bridge, or one that can be clamped to a single tower. That practice has caused collapses, injuries, and deaths on other scaffolds.

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