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Non-Stop Testimonials

Non-Stop Standard-Duty and Workhorse owner:
"We would not be in business today if it weren't for our Non-Stop. I could not have done this building on frames - I
never would have made any profit."

Adam recently added WORKHORSE to his Non-Stop fleet. It is set up on the roof in the pics below. Adam would be glad to talk to anyone curious about the Standard-Duty or WORKHORSE.
-Adam Rogers
Rogers Masonry
Jackson, MS

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Non-Stop Standard-Duty owner:
"As soon as we got on the
Standard-Duty, my profit went up $900 a day. I was on a brick job with 7 masons that was really hard to scaffold with our frames. We'd been there about two weeks when we switched over to Standard. Our count went up 1000 brick a day."
-Richard Towns
Towns Masonry, LLC
Marion, LA

Non-Stop Standard-Duty owner:
"Not only do the walls go up so much faster there is no more moving plank, no more bending, no more laying block up to your eye balls and a lot less back pain. As owners of Thiemann Construction we would like to say thanks Jay. Everything you said about the scaffolding is true. Our crew has a new outlook on laying block, the scaffolding has made their job as block layers so much easier and safer. And when they're happy, everyone is happy. Now they have more energy and time after work to enjoy their summer activities."
"As owners it has been one of our best investments we have made. We were all surprised by how easy the scaffolding system was to use and how much it increased our productivity."
-Bill and Al Thiemann,
Thiemann Construction Inc

"We've used mast-climbers on high work, but I can set Non-Stop anywhere I can drive a forklift. We use it everywhere."
- Sal Monarca; Middlefield, CT

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