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Photo Gallery

Never Build Scaffold-High Again (7) Start all your walls off the scaffold.
Inside Corner Brackets (5) For Heavy-Duty, Junior, and WORKHORSE
Crane and Forklift Set-Up (14) How Non-Stop is moved around the job.
Radius Walls (6) Heavy-Duty sets up just as fast on radius wall as it does on straight walls.
Tough Spots Made Easy (14) Independent free-standing towers make tough spots easy to scaffold.
Access Landing for HD (5) The Access Landing is used in areas where it's difficult to access the work platform.
Bridge Photos (8) 14-foot Bridge to straddle truck dock doors, A/C units, etc.
Elevator Shafts (6) Non-Stop Heavy-Duty makes building an elevator shaft a breeze. As small as 7' by 10' works easily.
Rack Brackets / Transporting (10) NO BULKY BUNK RACKS!!
Winter Enclosure Using Overhead Protection (10) Encloses only the work platform. Poly can be dragged up from the ground.
Winter Enclosure - Entire Scaffold (12) Encloses the scaffold structure and also the wall if desired.
Barricade Guardrail (2) A new item to eliminate safety hazards.

Long, straight wall (6780 views)

March 20, 2008
HEAVY-DUTY is like a dance floor in the sky. With 5 boards on the back, a pallet of block can be landed in any or all bays, with more than enough room for your men to move around.
March 20, 2008
Heavy Duty Racked (6181 views)

March 20, 2008
Ultimate Load Test (6932 views)
That's 2800 brick.
March 20, 2008
BIG-BOX STORES (5967 views)
Long, straight walls positively fly with HEAVY DUTY. It's fast to set up, and even faster to move from wall to wall, at only about 3 hours between topout time and laying the first block in the new walls.
March 20, 2008
Standard Plank Layout (5599 views)
Standard Plank Layout
April 28, 2009
Wall Tie-in (2272 views)
Wall Tie-in
September 06, 2014
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