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Photo Gallery

Access Landing 1 (1988 views)

The proper way to access the tower is to climb 5 or 6 feet PAST the work platform, move around to the other side of the tower, then step down onto the platform. When the platform is cranked near the top of the tower, making it impossible to climb past the platform, another tower can be added strictly for climbing, or, if there are overhead obstructions, use an Access Landing instead.

Access Landing will fit on either left- or right-hand carriages allowing it to be used on either end of the scaffold. Simply climb the tower, and as you approach the work platform, climb into the access landing. From there, you can step onto the bricklayers walkboards.

Use of an
Access Landing is NOT mandatory.

September 07, 2014
Access Landing 3 (2049 views)
Side View

September 07, 2014
AL on ground (2026 views)
Close up view.

September 07, 2014
Access Landing 2 (2153 views)
Access Landing on the job.

September 07, 2014
Access Landing 5 (1897 views)
Underneath view.

September 07, 2014
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