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Heavy-Duty Job Photos

Heavy-Duty Job Photos
Heavy-Duty's material area is 5 boards wide. Here, two men standing side-by-side have plenty of room to move around. 300 linear feet of HEAVY-DUTY 36' high. This customer boasts that he set it up in 3 hours and once the wall was topped out, he moved all of it to another wall in 2 hours. Can you do that with frames?

Radius walls are no problem for Non-Stop. Just set the scaffold up as you would on a straight wall, but conforming to the curvature of the radius. Land a full cube of block anywhere you want to. Free up that expensive forklift for other chores.

Inside and Outside corners and a radius, in one image. This photo demonstrates the adaptability of Heavy-Duty to any jobsite situation. Masons laying in the "sweet spot". You'll notice a laborer on the back of the scaffold walking down the line, cranking each winch to keep the masons at waist level.

This contractor chose casters as a means of moving his scaffold. This setup is on a roof, where a forklift had no access. Weight was a consideration, but the scaffold, planks, men and material, all came in under the roof's rated load capacity. Unusual situations call for unusual set-ups. The rearmost pair of towers have been threaded through the structural members of the ajoining roofline so the run of scaffold could continue around the tall building. This installation was completely safe, if a bit unorthodox.
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