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Non-Stop Heavy-Duty

Non-Stop Heavy-Duty - The Gold Standard Since 1976

In 1976, Heavy-Duty introduced such radical features as starting on the ground to eliminate moving your men at scaffold-high, leaving the x-braces in place, a powerful winch that can actually crank the scaffold with a full load of materials, towers that won‘t sway, or fold up and collapse, and simplicity that makes your men actually want to use it. We designed out all the small parts and backed it with a lifetime warranty. All that and more led contractors to make Non-Stop the industry standard in elevating scaffolding.

The Heavy-Duty you see today is the result of years of constant innovation, refinement, and fine tuning. It is still the only elevating scaffold to give you all these money-saving advantages:
  • The stongest winch on the market - twice as strong as anyone else‘s.
  • The strongest towers - guaranteed to never bend.
  • Rack Brackets to quickly bundle your towers and get them moved to the next job without lost parts. They save days over clunky bunk racks
  • The most working room.
  • Quickly adaptable to pilasters, end returns, just about any special situation you may encounter.
  • Sets up just as fast on cut-up work as it does on long, straight walls.
  • Non-Stop will DOUBLE your profit.

The Strongest Winch Available

The Winch is the heart of any elevating scaffold system. One breakdown can cost you thousands. It must be easy to crank, because if it‘s not, your laborers will avoid it, and your bricklayers will be back to bending and stooping. And then you may as well be back on frames. In other words, it‘s got to be the best, the strongest, and the most reliable.

The Heavy Duty two-speed winch has twice the cranking power of anything on the market. Many have tried, but no one has yet duplicated the power, quality, and safety you get in the Heavy-Duty winch. It‘s so easy to crank, two laborers can raise 105 feet of scaffold 16" in about 3 minutes. Cranking is actually easier than tending.

  • Absolutely cannot backlash and free-spin as others do.
  • When you top out, shift to high gear to lower your scaffold in record time.
  • Wear parts are case hardened, and our special gear geometry makes it impervious to debris.
  • If it ever breaks, we fix it free. Including freight. Period.

Non-Stop HEAVY-DUTY also has a 14-foot BRIDGE SYSTEM. See it here.


Several Planking Options for Any Type of Job.

A. Laborers‘ platform supports five 16-foot boards.

B. Masons‘ outriggers are available to support up to five boards.

C. Three boards form a standard workbench in the open bays.

D. Built-in hop-board outriggers can be used to extend the workbench.

                 Click image for larger diagram.

Pilaster Brackets, Inside Corner Brackets, Inside Corner Return Brackets, and other accessories are available for special situations.

Winter Protection

The Non-Stop Overhead Protection System can be used to provide a simple winter enclosure. We developed this 3-piece system over the course of 4 years with the guidance of many of our northern customers to provide the most versatile "skeleton" for attachment of a roof and polyethylene. The overhead beam telescopes to extend up to 10" behind the face of the wall. The system attaches securely to the elevating carriage, and the x-braces need not be removed and replaced. All parts are captured, and the beam does not have to be threaded on from the top. Installation is a breeze! Plus, all components serve both right and left-hand elevating carriages. It is a cost-effective solution when a covering is needed for 2 to 4 months. See it here.

Total Enclosure
Some of our customers in extremely cold regions need to keep both sides of the wall warm for several days at a time, as much as 7 months out of the year. For them, we developed a total enclosure system you can see here. The outside framework is curved for easy poly installation, and constructed of round tubing to accept standard wind clips.

Rack Brackets

Rack brackets are the fastest and simplest way to move Heavy-Duty scaffolding from job to job. Rack brackets secure up to 10 fully assembled towers in a rigid 48"-wide bundle. Using rack brackets, up to 20 assembled towers can be hauled side-by-side on any standard 8‘-wide trailer. The diagram shows how 10 towers, 18‘ tall form a bundle only 20‘ in length. Towers assemebled 27‘ tall form a bundle less than 30‘ in overall length. Using rack brackets, 133 running feet of scaffold can be unloaded from a trailer in under 3 minutes, putting you on the wall faster. See more details here.

Elevating Carriages

The Non-Stop carriage uses 4 hardened aluminum rollers on stainless steel shafts to allow the work platform to roll smoothly up and down the tower. Time has proven this system to be unaffected by weather and debris. The rollers never seize or deform the towers.
Our early research with other systems proved to us how important it is to build a precision carriage for smooth travel up the tower. We tried a sliding system, still in use by some, but after a year or so the metal-on-metal friction had caused severe deterioration. Plus, we found that when the scaffold was loaded with materials, the carriages would bind on the towers, multiplying the effort needed to raise the scaffold. Cranking the winches would simply stretch the cable until it would stretch no more and the entire platform would jump up 2 or 3 inches at a time, scaring the bricklayers half to death. All this made the scaffold an ordeal to raise and lower.
You won't have any such problems with Non-Stop.

Rest Platform

OSHA and EM-385 regulations require a rest platform after climbing certain distances vertically.

See more about it here.


The proper way to access the tower is to climb 5 or 6 feet PAST the work platform, move around to the other side of the tower, then step down onto the platform. When the platform is cranked near the top of the tower, making it impossible to climb past the platform, another tower can be added strictly for climbing, or, if there are overhead obstructions, use an Access Landing instead.

Access Landing will fit on either left or right-hand carriages allowing it to be used on either end of the scaffold. Simply climb the tower, and as you approach the work platform, climb into the access landing. From there, you can step onto the bricklayers walkboards.

Use of an
Access Landing is NOT mandatory.

Constant Safety Protection

The Safety Catch is a completely automatic, inertial safety device that does not rely on springs or gravity. It is unaffected by mortar, debris, etc. and cannot be bypassed. Since it is completely passive, your men never have to remember to disengage it or reset it. They will always be protected when both raising and lowering the scaffold. To see the safety catch in action, click here.

Parts Baskets

Parts baskets are another accessory our customers LOVE. They keep all your small parts in one conatiner, instead of all over the job site (or the highway!).

By adding a simple guardrail kit, you can even use it for a legal man basket.

Component Diagram and Parts List

For price quote or questions, call us toll-free at 1-800-845-0845.

A. 9‘ Base Tower 91 lbs.
B. Elevating Carriage 119 lbs.
C. Winch and Pulley Assembly 66 lbs.
D. 9‘ Tower Extension 70 lbs.
E. 4‘-6" Tower Extension 31 lbs.
F. X-Brace 16.5 lbs.
G. Carpenters‘ Bracket 28 lbs.
H. Wall Tie-In Bracket 10 lbs.
I. Straight Brace 13 lbs.
J. Adjustable Straight Brace 13 lbs.
K. Pilaster Plank Arm and Clamp 23 lbs.
L. Masons‘ End Guardrail Panel 22 lbs.
M. Leveling Jack 13 lbs.
N. Overhead Protection 98 lbs.
O. Forklift Bar 40 lbs.
P. Inside Corner Bracket 46 lbs.
Q. Inside Corner Bracket 13 lbs.
R. Guardrail Post 7 lbs.
S. Laborers‘ End Guardrail Panel 17 lbs.
T. Access Landing and Guardrail 117 lbs.


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