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Non Stop Scaffolding > EZ Scaffold Winch Conversion

EZ Scaffold Winch Conversion

Non-Stop Winch Conversion For EZ Scaffold Systems

Non-Stop Winch and Adapter on EZ ScaffoldThe LAST Winch You'll Ever Buy. Guaranteed.

Put The Power of Our Famous Heavy-Duty Winch On Your EZ.

Many of our Heavy-Duty customers started out with EZ scaffolding. They noticed it takes about HALF the effort to crank our Non-Stop winches over their EZ winches, both the newer Chinese-made EZ winches, and the older American EZ winches. In other words, they can crank Non-Stop one-handed, loaded with materials, without stripping the gears or killing the laborer.

As their EZ winches broke, they asked us if they could replace them with Non-Stop winches. We made an adapter to do just that.

  • Lifetime Guarantee. Why buy new winches every couple of years? Non-Stop winches are guaranteed for life.
  • Twice the cranking power of EZ winches (Chinese or American).
  • At only 88 pounds including the adapter, it weighs 122 pounds less than an original EZ winch!
  • Installation takes one man (instead of 3), a crescent wrench, and about 5 minutes.
  • Galvanized aircraft cable is stronger and impervious to brick cleaners and corrosion. Original EZ cable does not meet OSHA 1926.451(f)(11).
  • Meets all OSHA and ANSI standards.

$795 each plus freight. Includes winch, cable, pulley, and adapter.

Last Modified: June 1, 2015
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