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Parts Basket / Man Basket

Non-Stop Parts Basket / Man Basket

A while back, one of our local customers dropped by for some cross braces, leveling jacks, wall ties, etc. As we were loading his pick-up truck with the loose parts he said, “I wish there was a way to keep up with all these small parts on my job. My men scatter them all over the place. Maybe you could make us some bins like the ones you use here in your plant.”

I thought: Hey, that’s a great idea – and so simple. I remember having the same problem back when we were in the masonry business - shovels, braces, guardrails, tie brackets, hoses, gas cans, etc. scattered all over the job, or “borrowed” by someone. It wasn’t so much how much the lost parts cost, it was what it cost in lost time to go get another one. Containers to keep up with it all would have been a godsend back then.

Enter the Non-Stop Scaffolding Parts Basket. We built it 30 inches wide so you can carry 3 of them across an 8-foot-wide trailer. Next we made it about 30 inches high so you can stack them 3-high on even the highest trailer. They are a little over 8 feet long inside to fit any size brace. We build them tough – with our high-tensile Standard-Duty tubing and half-inch-thick fork pockets. Channel-iron on each end locks them together when stacked. To top it off, we put expanded metal on two sides so you can see what’s where.

Jones Masonry in Biloxi, Mississippi owns more than 50 of them. Mark Jones says, “We love them. We do a lot of work on a lot of different sites and they’ve really simplified our equipment handling. We can stack them up on the job and keep all our stuff in one place.” He adds, “When we send our driver out to the jobs we just load the stuff for each job in separate bins.”

It wasn’t long before another customer came up with another great idea. Matt Richardson of Richardson’s Masonry in Shreveport, LA dropped by for some accessories and had us put them in a parts basket. He said, “You know, we’re pointing up on a job we just finished and the general contractor’s safety guy won’t let us use the man basket we built for our forklift. If you put me some guardrails on one of these parts baskets would it be a legal man basket?”

Another simple great idea. After a review of the OSHA regs and a couple of phone calls, I knew we had a winner. We made Matt a guardrail post for each corner, cut the rails, and he was back in business that afternoon. Since then most every parts basket that goes out is ordered with the guardrail kit.

The concepts that created Non-Stop scaffolding came from our 25 years in the masonry business. The ideas for our improvements and accessories come from our forward-thinking customers. Let us hear from you. 800-845-0845.

Non-Stop Parts Basket (104"L x 29"H x 30"W)
Guardrail Kit (4 corner posts and 4 rails) $225
Check out how we paint them here:


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