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Pilaster Brackets

Non-Stop Pilaster Plank Support System

Pilasters, columns, and bump-outs are no problem for Non-Stop.

Our simple system of pilaster outriggers can extend the masons' walkboards an additional 1, 2, 3 planks, or more, to fit around any wall configuration.

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The system consists of five basic parts.

The Pilaster Stringer Bracket is installed temporarily or permanently on your elevating carriages.
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The Pilaster Stringer is installed in the Pilaster Stringer Brackets as seen below. Two Pilaster Hangers are threaded on the stringer as it is installed. Two Inside Corner Saddles are installed - one on each masons' walkboard outrigger. Another Pilaster Stringer is installed in the saddles.
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The last step is to install 5-Board Outriggers in the Pilaster Hangers as seen below. The Pilaster Hangers can be adjusted anywhere you want along the Pilaster Stringer. The Outriggers can be adjusted in and out for one, two, or three boards. Longer outriggers are available.
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This is a finished example with planks installed.
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Side View
Sometimes additional outriggers need to be added AFTER the scaffold is in place at the wall, and they have to be slid into the hanger from the back of the scaffold, leaving an opened-outrigger like you see here.
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Add this simple Plank Retainer to keep your plank from creeping toward the wall.
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Plank Retainer installed.

5-Board Outrigger  $42
Pilaster Stringer with 2 Snap Pins  $56
Pilaster Stringer Bracket  $45
Pilaster Hanger  $54
Inside Corner Saddle  $45
Plank Retainer with Snap Pin $15

Last Modified: July 28, 2015
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